Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., said Thursday he should have known members of his own Republican Party would attack him for criticizing President Trump and other aspects of the GOP just as an angry elephant would stampede after someone is considered to be a threat.

"#tbt. In retrospect, I guess I shoulda seen this coming..." Flake tweeted Thursday afternoon.

The GOP lawmaker in February 2016 tweeted a video of elephants that appeared to be chasing down a group of people in the safari. Along with the clip, he wrote, "These elephants have no respect for a fellow Republican. No respect I tell ya."

Flake recently irked fellow party members when he announced he had donated $100 to Democrat Doug Jones in opposition to Republican Roy Moore.

After Jones was declared the Alabama Senate special election winner Tuesday night, Flake tweeted a cryptic message, "Decency wins."