Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said Sunday Republicans need to work with Democrats in order to get legislation done because the failed healthcare reform process shows how far one-party governance can go.

Flake, a Republican, said on CBS' "Face The Nation" the failed attempt to pass a bill repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act shows Republicans aren't going to be able to accomplish their agenda alone.

"I mean, there are big issues that we've got to solve. We've talked about North Korea, the difficult foreign policy things that we have to do. But debt and deficit, for example, healthcare reform, these are things that can't be done by one party. We've just seen the limits of what one party can do," Flake said.

Flake also said Republicans should resist the call from President Trump to change the rules of the Senate to kill the legislative filibuster.

Most bills require 60 votes to end debate, usually requiring some buy-in from the minority party. Trump, frustrated by the failure to repeal Obamacare, has called for the legislative filibuster to die so Republicans can pass their agenda without Democratic help.

Trump was unable to get 50 Republicans to jump on board a "skinny repeal" vote early Friday morning, killing the bill

"Even if you change the rules of the Senate, which we should not do, there are limits to what one party can do. If we've- if we're going to solve the debt problem, $20 trillion of debt we have," Flake said. "We're going to be running deficits again over a trillion dollars soon. Those require both parties sitting together and sharing the risk. And it's hard to imagine that can happen when we're ascribing the worst motives to our opponents."