Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said the way the White House handled the domestic violence abuse allegations against former staff secretary Rob Porter could hurt the GOP at the ballot box in November.

Flake said on NBC’s “Meet The Press” the situation in the White House, and President Trump’s failure to express sympathy for the two women Porter allegedly abused, could be a political problem for the party.

“If you put on a political hat that that is a big problem. Certainly how we are viewed as Republicans in the next election, I think that that is a big problem,” he said. “And certainly, substantively, it's a big problem not to show any concern or empathy for the potential victims of these incidents. That is a problem. And that's something I think the president ought to correct.”

Flake, who is not running for re-election in 2018, has criticized Trump on a number of issues during the campaign and in the first 13 months of his presidency.

He said the allegations against Porter and the days leading up to his resignation are yet another example of the White House failing to react to a scandal in a positive way.

“The White House said they could have handled the situation better. That's a bit of an understatement, yes,” Flake said. “They could have done a lot better particularly with the Rob Porter situation.”