Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., said Tuesday that Republicans need to embrace a more forgiving immigration policy than the one designed under President Trump, and warned that it could hurt the party down the road.

"That's not the place the Republican Party wants to be in the future if we're going to be an inclusive party that speaks to a broader audience," Flake said on MSNBC of the "anti-immigration fervor" in the party.

The Trump administration and its supporters have said they support legal immigration, and are only trying to crack down on illegal immigration, something past administration's failed to address.

Flake said the GOP's sudden skepticism on trade is another issue that worries him, and said more broadly that Republicans have adopted a coarser tone that could make it harder for the GOP to get what it wants.

"That's the paradox of all this," he said. "You know, somehow ... conservatism is kind of, you know, being mean or loud, and you can't enact conservative policy if you act that way."

Flake has spoken out against President Trump as he's pitched his new book, Conscience of a Conservative, which is the same title as Barry Goldwater's famous book. He said conservatives need to be prepared to fight back against Trump if he fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"That would be a real concern," he said. "I'm glad that some conservatives are standing up and saying that certainly wouldn't be tolerated on Capitol Hill."