Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday vowed that his department would not be driven by politics, and that he is striving to give people the confidence that it is driven by the rule of law, and not servitude to one political party or another.

"We will not be infected by politics or bias," Sessions told the House Judiciary Committee. "We will make only decisions we believe are right and just. And we're not going to use the department to unlawfully advance a political agenda."

That was his response to a question from Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., who asked how people can trust the Department of Justice given the sense that it exists to not to dispense justice, but to back up the party that runs the White House.

"How do you restore people's trust," Gowdy asked, "when it seems like different rules apply depending on who's in power?"

"We're going to enforce the laws of this country effectively, as Congress has passed them, and I am determined that when the years go by, that people will say this Department of Justice did not crumble," Sessions said. "It stayed firm and true to the great principles that I was taught in the 15 years I served in the Department of Justice."

Neither Gowdy nor Sessions mentioned President Trump, who Democrats accused at the hearing of trying to influence Sessions' decisions on the investigation related to Russia's election meddling, and one Republicans hope is formed to investigate Hillary Clinton.

But Sessions used the same hearing to say his department doesn't have enough information yet to create a special counsel on Clinton, despite Republican demands.