On Monday evening, Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Britain's Labour Party, met with Marcus Papadopoulos in London.


The popular Guido Fawkes blog (which first reported on the meeting), refers to Papadopoulos as a "notorious Assad supporter."

But while that's true, Papadopoulos is much more than a sycophant for slaughter. He's a Russian "active measures" agent.

I make this assertion based on three facts.

First, Papadopoulos is a frequent guest on Russian propaganda news outlets, such as RT. As I've noted, these outlets are designed to create a shield for Russian malevolence around the world. But they also pay very well compared to most other media outlets. And that matters in the context of Papadopoulos, because he does not appear to have any other forms of income.

He's the editor of a media website "Politics First", but that website is defined by poor writing and sparse postings. Politics First is a media front to give Marcus a pretext of journalistic credibility. In turn, when Marcus spouts propaganda on RT and other stations, he has a title that sounds more credible than "Putin fan."

Second, Papadopoulos works alongside a Cambridge "think tank" that exist only to pump out pro-Russian, pro-Assad propaganda. Were U.K. authorities more interested in countering Russian espionage operations in Britain, they might dig into its funding sources. I suspect Russian money lurks close to the surface. Incidentally, it is notable that the think tank is in Cambridge (albeit not at the university): academic towns lend cover and credibility.

Third, Papadopoulos is a constant presence in the far-left political thought movement. Consider an October 2016 appearance Papadopoulos made in the U.K. Parliament. He spent his short speech attacking the U.S. and defending Russian claims that it has a legitimate "fear" of NATO invasion. This is textbook Russian active-measures propaganda.

All this makes it noteworthy that Papadopoulos had dinner with Jeremy Corbyn.

After all, Corbyn is determined to become the next British prime minister. And with new elections possible in September, he may well succeed in that venture.

That Corbyn is so happy to openly meet with Papadopoulos tells us something. Namely, that the Labour leader is utterly unsuited to hold Britain's highest elected office. Corbyn has already said that he would never use nuclear weapons against Russia in the event of a nuclear attack. This meeting suggests he is equally happy to climb into bed with the Kremlin.

As I've argued previously, Corbyn's election would destroy the U.S.-U.K. special relationship.