The show may be called the "Real Housewives of New Jersey," but parts of the popular Bravo reality show's fourth season are being filmed this week right here in D.C.

On Monday, a large chunk of the show's cast was spotted hanging out at the Fancy Food Show at the Washington Convention Center with camera crews in tow. Two of the housewives — Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo — were there with their families, showcasing some new foodie products that are offshoots of the family business. (We're told new cast member Kathy Wakile and her husband Rich were roaming around the exhibit halls as well).

Laurita and her husband Chris teamed up with Manzo's sons Albie and Christopher and invested in a new health drink called blk. The water contains fulvic acid, which turns the beverage black naturally and is said to give it an added health boost.

"Scientists called it the miracle molecule because it's so small," Laurita told Yeas & Nays, adding that drinking the darkened water would make your hair, nails and skin glow, but won't stain your teeth. It also doubles as a hangover helper. "I hate to put it that way," she said laughing. "My niece, just this last weekend, was so drunk she was throwing up, she was really sick, and she drank two bottles and she was totally fine," Laurita said. (This niece is not on the show.)

"The big thing with us is we are not the type of people who think we can blow out a brand just because we get behind it, we're not that arrogant," said Albie Manzo. "We went and we found some product that we thought was amazingly unique that works and we got behind it and that's exactly what happened."

Several rows down, Caroline's husband Albert was manning a different booth and showing off another product — Brownstone pasta sauces, named after the family's event facility in Paterson, N.J. He told us that the sauces were a new endeavor, only a month old, and came in three flavors: tomato basil, marinara and vodka.

While in town the "Jersey" crew ate at the new eatery 901 several times. We also heard they stopped by Russia House over the weekend. And in typical Jersey Italian fashion they asked Yeas & Nays where to find some good Italian.