Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is charging that the federal government had a hand in murdering former President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago.

In “They Killed Our President,” the former pro wrestler and his co-authors claim that the military, defense industry and intelligence community wanted Kennedy dead for being a weak on communism. They were also upset that he didn't want to enter a costly war with Cuba, which the defense industry was banking on after the end of the Korean War.

“President Kennedy sought peace and was viewed by these groups as a cowardly traitor by not giving into their overwhelming call for war,” wrote Venture, who ends his 349-pages with “Peace.”

He also makes a startling claim that the same clique has President Obama under their thumb and is forcing him to keep troops in Afghanistan and other hot spots. “We elect a president who promised to get us out of a war, and he can't do it?” Ventura writes in the book, provided in advance to Secrets. It is set to be released next week. “Has the military-corporate complex already taken over this country?” he adds.

Ventura said that he has been interested in the JFK killing ever since he was a kid when he believed the so-called Warren Commission, set up to probe the slaying. It concluded that a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, tied to communists, was to blame for the November 22, 1963, slaying.

“Too much didn’t add up,” he said. “I never let it go. I’ve done my own research from Dallas to Havana.”

He questions most of the evidence, especially the accepted theory that Oswald got off three quick shots from behind Kennedy as the president sat in a convertible traveling through Dallas. Ventura claims that there was at least one shot from the front, to Kennedy’s neck.

He added: “A lone gunman? A magic bullet? Wake up,” he said. “If you can get away with killing a president, you can get away with anything.”

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