Jets quarterback Tim Tebow should know better by now. Before agreeing to speak at a church, he should do his research. That way he does best off the field what he does on it: sidestep those trying to bring him down.

Of course, if Tebow did know what he was getting into, then he should have followed through with his speech to the First Baptist Church of Dallas. That is, if he disagrees with what the pastor espouses. If he doesn't, well ...

Its pastor, Robert Jeffress, has condemned the following groups: Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, Jews and gays and lesbians. They're either going to hell or -- in the case of Mormons -- a cult from the "pit of hell."

Tebow was all set to speak to this group until he backed off Thursday, perhaps the result of a column Wednesday by CBS Sports' Gregg Doyel exposing Jeffress. Next time, Tebow should try using Google first.

- John Keim