Jim Carrey isn’t happy with the internet pranksters on eBay.

Ebay users are selling autographed photos of the famous comedic actor on the online auction site, pledging to promising to buy a gun with whatever money they receive for the picture.

“A lot of the autographs you’ll buy 4 guns online r fakes,” Carrey warned his followers on Twitter. “Jokes on both buyer and seller. Not to mention the karma. Your luck will be bad.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the auction postings are vanishing from ebay as well as discussion forum comments mentioning guns.

“I’m trying to sell this 8X10 Autograph reprint photo of Jim Carrey for personal reasons,” wrote eBay user astrobuzz after having multiple auction posts pulled for mentioning guns in his auction. “Happy Bidding! P.S. I have followed all the ebay policy conditions this time and the auction should make it to the end.”

The current bid is $202.50.