As a student at Georgetown University, Jim Gaffigan once claimed to be a reporter for Washingtonian Magazine to get into a reggae concert for free. It worked, and he even met the band, the comedian confessed Tuesday night to a crowded main auditorium at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue.

He also talked circumcision, the horrors of Disney theme parks, the absurdity of the tooth fairy, and his new book "Dad is Fat." Gaffigan's book finds the funny side of family life, and he had plenty of stories about raising five kids -- all delivered at home -- in a two-bedroom apartment in New York City, though he shied away from offering advice.

"It's good that you're asking me, because I tell diarrhea jokes for a living," he said when asked for tips. "I'm a weirdo who goes on stage to make people laugh."

While in town, Gaffigan revisited DC Improv Comedy Club and filmed a Father's Day segment with CNN's Jake Tapper. But he had no plans for dinner.

"D.C.'s got great restaurants. But that's such a commitment," said the man known for ranting about Hot Pockets. It seems Gaffigan doesn't have any jokes about D.C. food, though he admitted his most recent meal in town was room service. But members of the audience were happy to offer suggestions, and NPR's Scott Simon -- who hosted the onstage conversation --mused, "Does Jose Andres have a Hot Pockets place?"

Gaffigan admitted to a tense relationship with the microwavable turnovers, and said his children have never eaten one. "Hot Pockets changed my life, but I don't know if I need people yelling 'Hot Pockets' at me in the airport," he said.

Before signing books, Gaffigan fielded a long line of questions from the audience, including several queries from a highly engaged youngster who told Gaffigan his mom loved him in the 2009 movie "17 Again" ... before asking who he played.

"I played Zac Efron in that," Gaffigan said without missing a beat.