House Freedom Caucus member Jim Jordan criticized House leaders Tuesday for letting the House take a six-week break at the end of the summer, instead of forcing Republicans to work out how to deal with Obamacare, tax reform, and the debt ceiling.

"One of the best things you can do is not take a six-week break," Jordan said on MSNBC when asked what Republicans can do to find answers to those and other issues. "We just took the longest August recess in a non-election year that's happened in over a decade."

Jordan said the few dozen members of the House Freedom Caucus tried to encourage GOP leaders to keep members in Washington, but that advice was ignored.

"Ten weeks ago, the Freedom Caucus said, 'don't leave town, we gotta figure out what we're gonna do to repeal Obamacare, we gotta figure out what we're gonna do to cut taxes, and don't leave town until we actually put together a plan for the debt ceiling,'" he said.

"We didn't do that. We went home for six weeks," Jordan said. "We should've stayed here, focused on getting done what we again told the American people we were gonna get done. Longest break, longest non-election year break in over a decade."

"That's not how you solve the big problems that the American people send us here to solve," he added.

Jordan said he didn't blame President Trump for signing legislation that suspended the debt ceiling, because Trump wasn't given much of a choice. Republicans were pushing for an 18-month suspension, and Trump ultimately went with the Democratic position of suspending it for just three months.

Jordan said there isn't a big difference between the two options, since neither included spending reforms that most Republicans wanted.

On Friday, the day Trump signed the legislation suspending the debt ceiling, the national debt rose by more than $300 billion, and past $20 trillion for the first time.