ESPN will present the NBA Draft on Thursday for the 10th year in a row. The Wizards have the third overall pick in the draft, and ESPN draft analyst Jay Bilas has a good idea who might fit Washington's needs.

Is this a deep draft?

Bilas » "Well, number one, I think it's a draft that's got really good depth of good players, players that can come in and make a team -- some starters, some rotation players, stuff like that deep into the second round. But it's not a draft of a lot of superstars. There will be guys that come out of this draft and maybe surprise us ... but it doesn't have a depth of sure-fire stars. Anthony Davis is the sure-fire one, I think. But after that there are players with question marks but a lot of talent.

If you were the Wizards, who would you take?

Bilas » "Having the best scenario, I would think for them is having Brad Beal from Florida fall to them. I'm not sure; I've got him rated as the second-best prospect in the draft behind Davis. And you hear rumors. I have no idea what's going to happen. But a lot of people like Beal, and it might be an upset to have Beal fall down to three. But you never know. I don't know what Charlotte's going to do with the two pick, whether they keep it or try to trade down and get some additional assets, because they need everything. You have to be prepared for just about every scenario, I would guess."

What do you like about Beal?

Bilas » "He's an excellent athlete. He can defend. He's a very good guard rebounder. He rebounds at a high rate for a two?guard, and he shoots very well. His shooting numbers wouldn't wow you. You look at the overall numbers and say he shot 34 percent from 3. Toward the end of the year, his last six or seven games, he shot 43 percent. In the NCAA tournament, he shot it great, and I thought he came into his own toward the end of the year."

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