The baseball trade deadline arrives Tuesday, and much is being said about what the Nationals should do. And as MLB Network analyst Larry Bowa prepares to be part of the extensive trade deadline coverage that starts Monday, he was more than happy to talk about the Nationals.

Bowa was a hard-nose All-Star shortstop with the Phillies for most of his career before he went to the Cubs and finally to the Mets, where his manager was current Nats skipper Davey Johnson. Bowa credits Johnson for helping him as he started his own managerial career in San Diego.

To make the postseason, what moves do the Nats need to make?

Bowa » "They could pick up another pitcher, but they are not in desperate need of one. I do think that getting another veteran ... would be a great help. They just got Drew Storen back, and next week Jayson Werth will be back, so Washington is [fine] offensively. They should just tweak this team. If they add an arm, it has to be the right deal. Don't risk the future for a pitcher you may not need."

What has impressed you about the Nationals this season?

Bowa »

"You have to begin with their pitching. Their entire staff kept them in games when they weren't scoring runs early in the season, and they continue to impress. I also like the way that Ian Desmond has become one of the best all-around players in baseball. Add to that the two rookies: Steve Lombardozzi, who has been a fantastic utility player, [and] young Bryce Harper, who has a great respect for the game, knows the history of the game and would have been a great fit on our Phillies teams in the '80s where we played hard every game."

What concerns you about the Nationals?

Bowa » "This might sound funny but knowing how to win. There is a great deal of pressure on a team if you are in first place as long as Nationals have been and you enter August then September. The Nats have not been there before, and we will see if they can handle the pressure. Davey Johnson, Adam LaRoche, Edwin Jackson and, of course, Jayson know what making it to postseason is all about, so the Nationals should be fine."

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