Starting its third year Monday at 10 p.m. on the Golf Channel, "Feherty" has become more than a golf show; it is a full-blown entertainment program driven by host David Feherty. He gets more out his guests than most talk show hosts. Not bad for a former PGA golfer who has found a career as a broadcaster both on the Golf Channel and CBS.

Feherty opens the third season of his show with none other than Jack Nicklaus, and he spoke about that recently.

Talk about landing Jack Nicklaus for your show.

Feherty »

"Season three, I've got Jack Nicklaus as an opener, and that's a challenging interview. People might ask: Why did you wait until the third season before interviewing the greatest golfer of all time? Well, I think I wanted to climb a few smaller hills before I tackled Everest because what do you ask Jack Nicklaus that he has not been asked a thousand times before? You know, the first interview that I ever did was Lee Trevino, and I really, really wanted to have Lee first because he does so few interviews and I thought it would be something special. But to get Jack and to get him in the kind of mood that I got him in, I think people will see a different side to him."

You seem to get a great deal of personal information out of your guests.

Feherty » "People seem to genuinely like the fact that they see a different side of the people. That's what gives me a kick. To show someone the Sergio Garcia who I've known for 10 or 12 years -- or longer than that actually since I had to help him with his math homework -- and it's nice to be able to do that."

Do you have a favorite guest?

Feherty » "I have had so many wonderful guests on the show, but just meeting Bill Russell was one of the great moments of my life. What an extraordinary human being. What he went through and just the enormousness of his kindness, the aura that he has, you know you're with greatness when you're with Bill Russell. I think that's my favorite."

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