Cesar Aldama, the senior director of news for Comcast SportsNet, is a veteran of the business -- serving as a major market news director in Miami, Philadelphia and Orlando. He's now watching Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III drive up local ratings. Nowhere is Griffin's impact felt more than on the network's "Redskins Postgame Live" program, which airs live immediately after the game.

Aldama discussed Griffin and the success of the Redskins postgame show.

How have the ratings grown since RGIII became the Redskins quarterback?

Aldama » "We are seeing a direct trend that the moment the game is over on either Fox or CBS people are switching channels to watch 'Redskins Postgame Live.' We are averaging a 1.50 rating for the show, which is up 50 percent over last year. We are also seeing numbers like 2.06 -- or about 84,000 homes in the area -- when the team wins. Thus far, our average is an impressive 64,000 homes per telecast. We are also seeing good numbers on 'Redskins Pregame Live,' which airs one hour before kickoff."

What do fans want to see?

Aldama » "Our team -- led by producer Jim Scibilia with host Chick Hernandez and analysts Trevor Matich and Brian Mitchell -- provides Redskins fans instant feedback on the game. We have Rob Carlin live on site with player interviews. We also air live both the postgame press conferences of coach Mike Shanahan, as well as of course Robert Griffin III. So in a one-hour show, we have been able to get fans everything that they need to know about the game -- complete with interviews from the players and coaches' comments."

How many people are involved in the pre- and postgame shows?

Aldama » "Well that depends. If we are doing both the Redskins and the Ravens pre- and postgame shows then we would have around 90 people involved. We dedicate whatever resources it takes to make these shows as professionally done as any network program out there. Our success on 'Redskins Postgame Live' begins with our extensive coverage of both Skins and the Ravens during the week on all editions of 'SportsNite Central.' We cover both teams better than any of the local stations because that is our job, and we have the talent as well as the resources to do it. It is why people watch us. They hold us to a high standard, and our goal is to deliver day in and day out."

Examiner columnist Jim Williams is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer, director and writer. Follow him on Twitter @wordmandc.