From a business standpoint, Maryland's move to the Big Ten is a no-brainer.

In the new normal that is conference realignment, traditions are not part of the equation. While fans may not like Maryland's move, boosters who write the big checks were on board.

Bloomberg Sports president Bill Squadron discussed the new-look Big Ten, with the additions of Maryland and Rutgers.

Was this a good business deal for Maryland and Rutgers?

Squadron » "I was impressed with the presentation given by Maryland president Wallace Loh. He put forth a very strong argument for joining the Big Ten. I was encouraged to see that he stressed the bringing back of some of the sports lost due to budget cuts. Look, it is not for me to give Maryland or Rutgers thumbs up or down on how or why they made the deal but just offer my observations from afar, and from a business standpoint it was a very good move for both schools. This has to be viewed from a long-term perspective, and clearly that is why the institutions and conference made this deal -- financial stability."

What does moving to the Big Ten mean for Maryland and the conference?

Squadron »

"Big Ten football is a huge upgrade for them, and you can bet they will get sellouts when Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska come to College Park. As for basketball, they did not lose anything there either. The conference has perennial powers like Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State. I know change is hard to take, but in this new world of conference realignment fans will find new rivals. It has happened for all the other teams that have made big moves. It just will take time. As for the Big Ten, it will get millions of homes from New York City down the I-95 corridor through New Jersey, Delaware, of course Maryland and Washington D.C., which will allow them to negotiate a huge new TV deal in 2017, and that means more money for the schools and the conference."

Will there be more conference realignment?

Squadron » "Yes, there will be more moves. I don't know who it will be, but both conferences and schools are looking to make deals just like Maryland and Rutgers did -- in the best long-term financial interest of their schools."

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