Shortly after noon Wednesday, sports talk radio will have a new star. Mark my words: "Jay Mohr Sports" will be a hit on Fox Sports Radio because he mixes his passion for sports with his passion for comedy. What the listeners get is pure entertainment.

Mohr is a Jersey guy from Verona who got his big break as a featured player on "Saturday Night Live." He has had a love of sports that has grown along with his standup and acting career.

He hosted "Last Comic Standing" and has been in TV shows such as "Ghost Whisperer" and "Gary Unmarried" and movies such as "Jerry Maguire."

His passion is still sports, and after listening to Mohr do a week of programs on Los Angeles-based Fox 570 AM, I spoke to him about his new national program.

What got you interested in doing a daily sports talk show?

Mohr » "I really started doing sports talk radio at my dining room table reading the sports section of the Newark Star-Ledger when I was 10 years old. I listened a great deal to local sports talk radio on the road and was given a chance to do local fill-in work at Fox 570 AM in L.A. Then Fox Sports Radio came to me about a national show, and I said, 'Where do I sign?'?"

How are you getting ready for your new show?

Mohr » "I have changed from sports fan to student. One of the great things about doing standup is that you not only visit big cities, you go to college towns. So you get a real feel for Oklahoma-Texas football and Maryland-Duke basketball. The one thing that I want people to take away from my show is yes, sports is an important part of our lives, but it is a game, and it should be fun."

What will make your show different?

Mohr » "We will have good guests on the local show Wednesday. We had Kobe Bryant and Brian Billick, so Fox will keep the sports stars coming. My Rolodex of top comics will be in full use. They are great sports fans, and we will showcase them in a segment in our final hour titled 'Last Call,' where they will have some fun and give us some insight. Fans want smart, fun and entertaining sports talk, and that is our goal."

Examiner columnist Jim Williams is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer, director and writer. Follow him on Twitter @wordmandc.