Tony Dungy was at Kramer Middle School in the District on Monday to help Comcast kick off the second year of Internet Essentials, a program that helps low-income Americans get on the web. The program connects 400,000 Americans to broadband, offering Internet service, low-cost computers and free digital literacy training to families with children who qualify under the National School Lunch Program. It is a cause that is very important to Dungy and one he works tirelessly to see come to fruition.

While he was here, the former NFL coach and current analyst for NBC's "Football Night in America" talked about the Redskins, Robert Griffin III and the replacement officials.

It is only three games into the season, but what are your thoughts on Robert Griffin III?

Dungy » "From day one I felt that Robert was one of the best and brightest athletes to come out of college in years. Andrew Luck is no doubt going to be a star in the NFL, but RGIII is an instant impact player. I have known Mike and Kyle Shanahan for years, and Robert is the perfect fit for their play-action offense, and he is the best quarterback that Mike has had to work with since John Elway because of all the throws he can make while on the run."

What about the Redskins as a team?

Dungy » "They are building a contender for the long run. Washington has their franchise quarterback in place and plenty of talented players on both sides of the ball. I would say that they are about two years away from returning to being a regular playoff contending team just like they were under coach Joe Gibbs in the 1980s and early '90s. They are close but not quite there yet, but RGIII will make every game interesting."

What are your thoughts on the replacement officials?

Dungy » "We all want to see the regular officials back, and hopefully that will happen soon. But the guys who are replacing them are doing the best that they can. It is far from easy to officiate an NFL game, but for the most part they are doing fine. But we need the real officials back as soon as possible."

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