At 9 p.m. on Tuesday, two iconic sports brands will come together when "Sports Illustrated" debuts on NBC Sports Network.

Tom Verducci, a writer for the magazine who will be a frequent contributor to the monthly program, recently shared his thoughts on the show.

Can you talk about the show?

Verducci »

"Well, the program allows the magazine to come alive, and it gives us access to people who may not read Sports Illustrated on a regular basis. One thing that excites me is that we can do what we do best, and that is long form stories. Take the time to really tell the stories without being rushed and giving the viewers plenty of interesting content. Plus, you have two of the most famous brands in sports media working together, and that is a big plus."

What will we see in the first show?

Verducci »

"Well, one thing of local interest is my feature with the Orioles' prize rookie pitcher, Dylan Bundy, who is a special kid. He is very mature for a 19-year-old kid and has a great baseball IQ. He has a monster workout program and knows more about nutrition than most major league players. He has the chance to do for Baltimore what Stephen Strasburg has done for Washington. Bundy is very much like Bryce Harper, Mike Trout and Strasburg in that they are players coming out of the draft that we all know about. It seems these guys are the first generation of players that we know of before they were drafted. Much like for years we have known the draft classes of the NBA and NFL, now we know baseball, and that is good for the game."

Will the Nationals make a move at the trade deadline?

Verducci »

"I have liked the Nationals' chances to make the playoffs since spring training. They got Drew Storen back, and within a couple or so weeks they will get Jayson Werth back, so they should be set position player-wise. They really want to look at ... Zach Duke who they have been hiding in the minors. They could add a pitcher when they shut down Strasburg, but they may not have to."

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