Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian co-host "Hot Stove," a morning news show on MLB Network that will be live from the winter meetings in Nashville, Tenn., this week.

With the addition of center fielder Denard Span, the Washington Nationals filled one of their main voids in a true leadoff hitter. But are there more moves to come?

Reynolds discussed what the Nationals might be doing at the winter meetings.

If you are the Nationals, what are you looking for in the offseason?

Reynolds » "General manager Mike Rizzo has put together one of baseball's best organizations with the support and financial backing of ownership. They have the players to make a trade or the money to sign a free agent they want, and not too many teams have that luxury. They got Denard Span in a trade with Minnesota that takes care of two needs -- a quality leadoff hitter and a top-of-the-line defensive center fielder, so now they head to Nashville looking for starting pitching and some bullpen help. They can address the starting pitching issue via trade with say Tampa Bay or Seattle -- both have good young power arms and are in need of bats which the Nationals have. Or do they sign a top free agent? This is what dealing from strength affords you -- options.

What do you like about the 2013 Nationals?

Reynolds » "I like a complete year for both Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg. I like that Ian Desmond's starting the year off with the confidence that he is an All-Star shortstop. I like that with Span hitting leadoff that Jayson Werth can hit in the fifth or sixth spot in the lineup, which suits him better. I would like to see them bring back Adam LaRoche. But if that does not happen, well, with the pitching and defense they have they remain the team to beat in the East.

What about the NL East?

Reynolds » "I think that both the Nationals and the Braves are going to be battling for the top spot in the East for many years to come. That said, I would never count out the Phillies. They still have that great pitching and are retooling. As for the Mets and the Marlins, they are works-in-progress but still good enough to cause problems."

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