Late night host Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday got into a Twitter fight with a spokesman for House Speaker Paul Ryan over the GOP plan to pass legislation this week funding a children's health program for six years.

Republicans are hoping the language can pass as part of a bill that would also keep the government open past Friday.

On Wednesday evening, a Politico reporter tweeted that it would be hard for Democrats to resist the bill, even though Democrats have said they would vote against it because it doesn't help the Dreamers.

A spokesman for Ryan, Doug Andres, retweeted that message by saying "CC: @Jimmy Kimmel."

But Kimmel responded by accusing Republicans of unfairly tying the two issues together.

"Shame on your for making CHIP a bargaining chip, shame on your for tying our children's lives to immigration and shame on you and @SpeakerRyan for doing ANYTHING other than funding CHIP cleanly and IMMEDIATELY," Kimmel tweeted.

Andres replied by saying, "Republicans are the ones funding CHIP completely and immediately. Democrats are the ones voting no."

Andres also asked, "on what planet are Republicans the ones tying anything to immigration?" Republicans are hoping to pass an immigration bill for the Dreamers separately.

Kimmel has become a spokesman of sorts for Democrats and others opposed to the agenda set by President Trump and the GOP.

Last year, he accused Republicans of failing to fund CHIP. He said his own son needed medical attention, and that many aren't as lucky as he is and need government help to aid their own children.

But some accused Kimmel of misstating the GOP argument along the way, and getting basic facts wrong as he made it.