Jimmy Kimmel has recreated himself. Where the late night comic once stood, an inflatable liberal tube man now waves franticly and flaps hysterically to warn about the evils of rolling back Obamacare. It's not funny, and worse, it's not even original.

The most standard Democratic attack on any Republican legislation is that it is a giveaway to big business. Every position Republicans take on health care is supposedly shilling for the insurers, Democrats repeat.

Kimmel regurgitated that line last night. "They're not taking care of you," the funnyman turned overnight policy expert warned. "They're taking care of the people who give them money like insurance companies."

But if Republicans love those corporations, the corporations don't love Republicans back. Less than 24 hours after Kimmel's speech, 1,300 health insurance companies under the umbrella of America's Health Insurance Plans, the leading insurance group in the nation, opposed the Graham-Cassidy bill.

In an open letter to Senate leadership, AHIP warned that the bill would have "real consequences on consumers and patients." More specifically, by giving states more authority and individuals more autonomy, the bill could threaten the bottom line of these corporations.

That's a hard truth for Democrats like Kimmel to accept. Desperate for a boogeyman, the comic would rather hysterically blow hot air.

Philip Wegmann is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.