Folk legend Joan Baez soothed the turbulent '60s with her strong, pure voice and the courage to deliver a bottomless repertoire of melodies brimming with humane messages. Her Wolf Trap concert with the Indigo Girls will feature both new numbers and some of her iconic songs.

"We try to keep the shows fresh," she said. "There's a lot of latitude in what we do, and a different arrangement can make an old song sound new."

Throughout her career, Baez has reaped multiple prestigious awards for her musical achievements and traveled the world to march for countless just causes, among them Martin Luther King's Civil Rights movement and the War in Iraq. She credits her concern for humanity to her upbringing as a Quaker and her mother, who recently passed away at 100 years old.

"My mother didn't give me much advice," she said. "She just lived a certain way and let me know it's important to be there for society. She was funny and sarcastic to the very end, and when a family member leaned over and said, 'Good night, Duchess,' she prompted, 'Queen.' "

Joan Baez and the Indigo Girls
» Where: Wolf Trap's Filene Center, 1551 Trap Road, Vienna
» When: 8 p.m. Wednesday
» Info: $42 in-house, $28 lawn; 877-WOLFTRAP (965-3872);

"As a Quaker, I took a lot of things seriously. You don't kill, and you don't fight. The fact that I was able to be there and participate in so many causes gives me pride. My voice came to fruition at the right time when I was able to use it in furthering human rights. I'm not award-conscious, but I'm grateful for one I received from a New York City-run portable health clinic. I've known them since the early '70s, when they began in Arkansas to serve both black and white patients, and I feel very close to them."

Following this extensive U.S. tour, the 2011 inductee into the Grammy Hall of Fame will prepare for her first tour of Australia and New Zealand in 40 years, and she looks forward to taking in the beauty of both countries. This time, she will capture scenes to remember long afterward.

"Wherever I go, I carry a small canvas and paint," she said. "Painting is a hobby that I've become somewhat obsessed about."