Jim Myers, Hill East resident and relentless anti-crime activist, is at it again.

A continuing neighborhood theft problem has led Myers to draft a poster warning residents about a homeless woman whom he says is making the rounds in his Southeast community, just east of Capitol Hill near RFK Stadium.

"She is a female addict who generally wears pants and shirts and is sometimes mistaken for a male," Myers wrote on his most recent flier. "If you see this person eyeing plants or property, carrying plants or property or offering to sell plants or property, call police immediately."

Perhaps the woman will see it, realize she’s being watched, and disappear, Myers said.

"I’m also trying to warn people that if you leave things out, like $2,000 golf clubs, there’s a chance, in this predatory environment, you’re going to lose valuable possessions."

This is certainly not Myers’ first neighborhood post, though it is less satirical than others. "I started with what I was calling lamp-post journalism," he said. "We’d write up stories about crime and post them on lamp posts to alert the community."

But in 1998, he recalled, everything changed. Told by police that Hill East was not a "high profile" target for patrol efforts, Myers launched an effort to "advertise" the neighborhood’s drug problem. He designed a poster publicizing drug dealers’ "convenient full-service outlets" and guaranteed "no police interference."