An ex-wife of Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas., said the embattled congressman had several extramarital affairs when the two were married.

In an interview with the Texas Star-Telegram, Terri Barton said she was very taken by Barton when they met in an online chatroom in 2001 but his personality severely changed after they got married.

"I found a very sexually explicit video of one of his mistresses," she said. "Apparently, they had a liaison between 2010-11. That is what I was told.”

Barton, 68, announced last week he would not run for re-election after a woman he corresponded with posted a nude photo that he sent her.

Another woman came out and publicly shared a text conversation she had with Barton, wherein he asks her suggestive questions about her clothing.

Terri Barton said the congressman apologized to her personally for what he did.

"He had never apologized and finally on Monday morning, even though I didn't care how he did it," she said. "He came to my work and apologized to me, face to face."