Vice President Joe Biden paid tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and praised the courage of their families and survivors on the one-year anniversary of the terror attack.

Speaking during a memorial service at Boston's convention center -- close to the finish line of the race where bombs went off killing three -- Biden said that the city's response had inspired the world.

“Next Monday, on Patriots' Day, when I'm told up to 36,000 people line up to start the marathon, you will send a resounding message around the world -- not just to the rest of the world but to the terrorists -- that we will never yield,” said the vice president.

“We will never cower. America will never, ever, ever stand down. We are Boston. We are America. We respond, we endure, we overcome and we own the finish line,” he said.

Three runners and spectators were killed when the bombs went off and a fourth, MIT police officer Sean Collier, was murdered by the suspects during the massive manhunt.

President Obama marked the anniversary with a statement paying tribute to those who died and to the Bostonians who rushed to help the wounded.

"The most vivid Images from that day were not of smoke and chaos, but of compassion, kindness and strength,” said Obama.

During the memorial in Boston, Biden told the city's residents that in his travels around the world “people know all about you.”

“They know your pride. They know your courage. They know your resolve,” he continued.

“They know what that's why the twisted cowardly terrorists who acted here and other places do what they do. They try to instill fear,” Biden added.

Biden also joked that even though he wasn't a fan of the city's iconic Boston Red Sox baseball team he respected Bostonians' resolve.

“Even though, I'm not a Boston fan I love you guys, you know,” said Biden to laughter. “What an incredible city. It really is. You are an incredible, incredible city.”

One of the suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with police, while his brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is awaiting trial for the bombings.