Former Vice President Joe Biden criticized Hollywood producer and Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein for his "disgusting, immoral" abuse of power, in light of mounting allegations that Weinstein sexually abused women over the course of 40 years.

"My father taught me that the greatest sin that could be committed was the abuse of power, whether it was mental, physical, or economic," Biden said Wednesday at the Anti-Violence Project Courage Awards in New York.

"The cardinal sin was for a man to use his power, physical or economic, to abuse a woman or her child," he added. "It's disgusting."

He continued to praise the "courageous" women speaking out and sharing their stories after the New York Times revealed Weinstein history of sexual assault.

Though Biden wrote the Violence Against Women Act and has been outspoken about combating campus sexual assault, it was nearly a week before he reacted publicly to allegations to the allegations against Weinstein after the sexual harassment story broke.