Vice President Joe Biden may be looking for divine intervention to resolve the administration's problems with the glitch-plagued website.

“The truth is, we're going to fix it,” said Biden on Monday about the troubled rollout of the administration's new Obamacare insurance exchanges. “God willing,” he added.

His remarks came after a tour of the port of Houston, as the administration pushes for new federal investment in infrastructure. The White House says the spending will help boost jobs and build the nation’s middle class. That push though has been overshadowed by troubles with Obamacare.

During a stop at nearby Ellington Field where he made the remarks, Biden met with volunteers who are helping register consumers in the exchanges.

The website intended to enroll consumers has been plagued with technical problems. The administration has vowed that they will have it working “smoothly” for the “vast majority” of users by December, but a Washington Post report said the new goal was for the website to work for 80 percent of visitors.

White House press secretary Jay Carney tried to explain that metric on Monday, saying that it took into account consumers who would not want to go online to register -- independent of any website problems. Carney said those consumers would still be able to sign up via call centers and email.

Critics say the website problems and the impending cancellation of millions of insurance plans which no longer meet Obamacare requirements demand that the health care law be delayed or blocked.

President Obama has said he is frustrated with the rollout of his signature domestic achievement, but says despite the early troubles the law is already delivering benefits to millions of Americans.