Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's decision on whether or not to run in 2016 would have no effect on his own plans.

“No, not directly,” Biden said on “CBS This Morning,” when asked if Clinton’s plans would affect his call on seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.

“The only reason a man or woman should run for president, and I’m sure Hillary views it the exact same way, is if they think they’re better positioned to be able to do what the nation needs at the moment. And what is the plan that you have for the country,” said Biden.

Biden has been coy about a run and on Wednesday said he would make the decision “later on down the road” with his wife.

“It’s too early to do that right now. I’ve got a job to do in the meantime,” said the vice president.

“And if I do the job well and decide to run for president it’ll help, if I do the job well and decide not to run for president, it won’t help, and if I don’t run for president it will all be OK,” Biden added.

In another interview with NBC’s Today show, though, the vice president said that in his “heart” he believed he could be a good president.

Clinton has also declined to say if she will run, but polls show her to be the clear front-runner for the Democratic nomination if she enters the 2016 race.