Vice President Joe Biden, promoting new White House efforts Tuesday to combat sexual assault on college campuses, had a few choice words for those who attack women.

"If a man raised his hand to a woman you had the job to kick the living crap out of him if he did it,” Biden said, reflecting on growing up in Scranton, Pa.

Biden acknowledged that his description was "not very presidential or vice presidential" but added that it was "something every man should begin to understand.”

The White House on Tuesday called on colleges to develop better metrics for identifying sexual assaults on their campuses. President Obama is pushing for all colleges to conduct mandatory surveys on sexual assault by 2016.

The vice president has long made eliminating sexual assault a centerpiece of his policy platform.

“No more turning a blind eye or pretending it doesn’t exist,” Biden said. “We need to give victims the support they need — like a confidential place to go — and we need to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

The vice president unveiled a new video in which male celebrities, such as Daniel Craig, Steve Carell and Seth Meyers urge men to do more to root out sexual assault. Biden and Obama are also featured in the spot.

“No means no, whenever it is stated," Biden said Tuesday from the White House, noting that sex “requires a verbal consent.”

“Everything else is rape or assault,” he added.