During his fireside chat Thursday, which was really a Google+ Hangout, Vice President Biden talked a bit about his personal relationship with guns. "My dad was a hunter," Biden, also a gun owner, told the Internet. "My dad had a gun case full of fairly valuable weapons," Biden offered, before noting that many of those weapons had to be sold when his father fell on hard times.

He also spoke about trekking to Southern Delaware to meet with an elderly Democratic operative who right off the bat wanted to show the Biden her shotgun. "It's a legitimate and respected tradition," Biden said.

The VP also got into the issue of gun control, which he said he'd prefer be called "gun safety," and offered this piece of advice for any survivalists out there who might want an assault weapon during a disaster. "A double barrel shotgun will keep you a lot safer," Biden said. "If you want to keep people away in an earthquake, buy some shotgun shells."