Vice President Joe Biden on Friday indicated that Secretary of State John Kerry was more energetic and committed in his position than anyone he had ever seen in modern history.

"John, thank you for your passion and perseverance and the incredible, incredible energy you've shown in representing American interests around the world," Biden said. "I have been here for — I have to admit — for eight Presidents, and I have never seen a man or a woman with as much energy and commitment that you have shown. John, we thank you for that."

Biden made his remarks during an event promoting the launch of the "100,000 Strong in the Americas," an international study initiative, but failed to mention former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's diplomatic efforts in his speech.

Kerry spent about seven minutes speaking, and prior to introducing Biden he reminded the crowd that they were both the same age.

Biden joked after he took the podium that the normally loquacious Kerry had cut his speech short.

"You couldn't see from here, but John skipped about 15 pages of his speech," he said, pointing out that the two of them understood that an event where the audience was standing longer than 15 minutes was too long.

"And you're beyond over 15 minutes already," he said.