Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday seemingly referred to Africa as a country and not as a continent.

But Africa is not a country! It's a continent! Did Biden commit yet another gaffe?

Oh, what joyous fun!

“There’s no reason the nation of Africa cannot and should not join the ranks of the world’s most prosperous nations in the near term, in the decades ahead,” Biden said Tuesday while addressing an audience gathered in Washington, D.C., for the United States–Africa Leaders Summit.

“There is simply no reason,” he added.

Okay, but here's the thing: Biden clearly jumbled his words as he came off “reason” and tried to transition to “the nation of Africa.” There's really no reason to assume he thinks Africa is a country and not, in fact, a continent. Indeed, previous comments made by the vice president reveal that he is indeed aware that Africa is a collection of nations.

Basically, here I am thinking Biden had another 7-Eleven moment and you all come at me with this infinitesimal verbal slip-up?

I am deeply disappointed in all of you. Deeply disappointed.

Fun experiment: Try saying “unique New York” five times fast. If you slip, I get to call it a gaffe and we'll laugh and laugh and laugh.