Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday denied that Obamacare would cost many Americans their jobs, insisting that it gave workers, in particular women, more employment freedom.

In an interview on ABC’s “The View,” Biden was asked by host Barbara Walters if the health law was a “jobs killer.”

A recent Congressional Budget Office report projected that the health law could cost the equivalent of more than 2 million workers over coming years, a finding the Obama administration has pushed back against.

Biden said that a closer reading of the report showed that President Obama's health care reform law would actually help struggling workers.

“This is a really good report,” said the vice president. “When you get beyond the headline, about 2,000 jobs will be lost. Mr. [Douglas] Elmendorf, the guy who runs the Congressional Budget Office, when he testified pointed out that this is about freedom.”

Biden said the law would help women who were “trapped” in jobs strictly because they needed the health care coverage.

“Now you’ll be able to make an independent choice: Do you want to stay in that job and still have health insurance, or do you want to stay in that job even though you can get health insurance absent that job?” he asked.

“It gives women a great deal more freedom,” Biden added.

Biden also defended the law despite a rocky rollout of insurance exchanges that left the administration behind their enrollment targets and weakened public support for the law.

“There's never been any major fundamental change in social policy in America that's rolled out without trouble,” said the vice president, citing Social Security and Medicare. “It all takes time.”

He also insisted that the administration would boost their signups of young consumers, who are needed to make the Obamacare exchanges work by balancing out sicker, older enrollees.