Vice President Biden has joined the ranks of celebrities and public figures who have made headlines with a trip to Costco. The members-only warehouse club chain hosted the VP at its newest location, a 154,000-square-foot store in the D.C. neighborhood of Fort Lincoln on Thursday morning.

In addition to taking advantage of some of Costco's noted samples, Biden spent time at the jewelry counter, checking out watches. He left the store with a stack of children's books, fire logs, a 32-inch Panasonic TV and an apple pie.

Biden's purchase confirms that no two politicians' Costco carts look the same. Sen. John McCain, who frequently shops at a Phoenix Costco on the drive out to his Sedona ranch retreat, was known to buy baby back ribs, chicken quarters, brats, and, one time, a gas grill. Ann Romney picks up spinach, frozen cream puffs, and rotisserie chicken for the Romney family. And Rudy Giuliani has been spotted picking up nutrition bars, a Jason Bourne DVD and a collection of Adam Sandler movies.

The pols could all learn something from masterful Costco shopper Martha Stewart, who picks up Dom Perignon there by the caseload.