Vice President Joe Biden spoke Friday to the National Association of Community Health Centers in Washington, D.C., encouraging members to sign up as many Americans onto Obamacare as possible before the March 31 deadline.

"In these last 10 days, push as hard as you can," Biden said.

Biden defended the law, arguing that it was helping Americans all over the country to realize their dreams.

"This is all about choice, opportunity, and freedom," Biden insisted, reminding them that it was easier for people to quit their jobs and keep their health insurance.

"The law gives folks the freedom to follow their dreams regardless of where live or what they do because now they will be covered no matter where they go," he added.

Biden added that when people discover how easy it is to get subsidies from the government, "they're blown away, they have no idea."

Biden quoted his grandfather, noting that "with the grace of God and the good will of the neighbors," the administration would come out of March with a huge pool of Americans in the system.

"Push as hard as you can these last 10 days," Biden urged. "The higher the numbers, the more certitude that this is going to last forever."