Being a senator has its perks, particularly if you are the train-loving Joe Biden.

Vice President Joe Biden revealed on the inaugural episode of the "Late Night with Seth Meyers" show Monday night that he frequently rode in the cab of the locomotive when he was a senator traveling on the Amtrak train from Washington to his home state of Delaware.

"I can say this now, since they can't do anything about it, I used to ride in the cab a lot with the engineers," Biden revealed.

Biden said he has made more than 8,000 trips on Amtrak, and continues to share his love of trains.

Earlier this month, Biden was photographed viewing a new electric Amtrak locomotive, which Meyers showed to the crowd.

Biden said he was impressed with the new engine.

"I really got into it man, except they said, 'Keep your hands off of the controls, Joe,'" Biden said.

Meyers pointed out that people who didn't live on the East Coast might not have as much of an appreciation for trains.

Biden highlighted the California High-Speed Rail project to Las Vegas, insisting that the controversial project was "environmentally more sound" and "economically more sound."

"It makes sense in every way and it's about time we get up and do it," he said.

The California High-Speed Rail project has met with severe setbacks as the state works to find $68 billion in funding for it.

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom pulled his support for the project last week, insisting that it was not the same project promoted by the state in 2008.

"We were selling a $32 billion project then, and we were going to get roughly one-third from the federal government and the private sector," he told the San Francisco Chronicle. "We're not even close to the timeline (for the project), we're not close to the total cost estimates, and the private sector money and the federal dollars are questionable."