Vice presidents -- they're just like us!                     (gawker photo)

The Gawker empire received from a tipster this and other alleged photos of Vice President Joe Biden -- his torso, sky-clad -- on the beach at Southampton.

It's not quite Obama in swim trunks, but it completes the set. In our years covering the Bush administration, Beltway never once saw the naked midsections (or naked anythings, come to that) of either President Bush or Vice President Cheney. And for that, a grateful nation says thank you.

Is it even Joe Biden? Does anyone even care? Memo to fellow Beltway bloggers: The Gawker tipster said Biden's dog was off-leash on the beach. Hemingway! Freire! Carney! Get on that!

The official guidance from the White House this week does say that Biden and his wife, Jill, are on Long Island through Saturday.

You know, it really does kind of look like him.