The cleanshaven version of David Axelrod can count at least three powerful Washingtonians as fans of his new look. First, his wife, Susan, who puckered up in public Friday night to show folks she didn't miss the mustache. Secondly, there was CNN's Alex Castellanos, who said he would sacrifice his own 'stache to attract 500 more donors to Axelrod's cause, finding a cure for epilepsy. And third, there was Vice President Biden, who showed up Friday night to the Georgetown home of Constance Milstein and J.C. de La Haye St. Hilaire -- where all these folks were gathered -- to give his blessing.

Biden thanked the hosts for inviting him to a "bipartisan event in Washington where everyone has come to their senses on what to cut and who should pay for it," the veep joked.

Biden told Yeas & Nays he didn't think the original bet Axelrod made with Joe Scarborough made any sense. (It was over the election, of course). "There was no chance of Joe Scarborough winning, No 1., and No. 2, there was probably no good chance he'll grow a nice mustache -- so it was a bad bet for Joe all around," Biden said. The vice president added that he has no plans to grow a mustache in the future. "I tell you what, man, I'd shave my head just for the fun of it, the way I'm going," he said, pointing to thinning hairline. "Hell, when Republicans start talking sense."