Second lady Karen Pence revealed that former Vice President Joe Biden's parting words to her and her husband on Inauguration Day concerned their new home in Washington.

"That's the thing that Joe Biden said to us as he got into the limo and left the Capitol on Inauguration Day — he said, 'You're gonna love the pool,'" Pence told Washington Life, regarding the heated pool at One Observatory Circle, the vice presidential mansion.

Karen Pence said Jill Biden, Joe Biden's wife, encouraged her and Vice President Mike Pence to create warm memories in the second family's traditional estate.

The Pences' personalized furnishings, funded by the Vice President's Residence Foundation, was inspired by the blue color of dining chairs left by fellow Hoosier, former vice president Dan Quayle, Pence added.

"I actually called Marilyn [Quayle] and said, 'I'm taking your chairs and I'm decorating the whole downstairs based on that,'" Pence said.