Rep. Joe Kennedy, D-Mass., made two interesting choices of venue in his State of the Union response. First, he decided to speak in front of a small, live crowd. I think that was good, as it made the speech seem more natural and less awkward.

Also pertinent: Kennedy spoke in Fall River, Mass. What is Fall River? It's kinda Trumpy in an interesting way.

The people of Fall River are white (87 percent, with half of them ethnically Portuguese), poor (median household income $32,000 compared to $55,000 nationwide), and not heavily educated (only 72 percent have high school degrees, compared to 87 percent nationwide).

Here's the interesting part: Fall River is about 50 percent immigrant and very Democratic. And it shifted heavily toward Trump. Where Romney got 24 percent in Fall River, Trump got 36 percent.

A lot of the white people in Fall River are the working-class folks who voted Obama and then Trump. Kennedy, it seems, wants to win them back, and Democratic leadership, by choosing him to give the speech there as their main response, wants to play to Trump's base rather than to attack them.