Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., warned viewers Sunday that the increased costs due to Obamacare could cause the law to “fall under its own weight.”

The red state Democrat, speaking with CNN's “State of the Union” host Candy Crowley, warned of catastrophic failure from the unforeseen consequences of President Obama's health care law.

“If it’s so much more expensive than what we anticipated and if the coverage is not as good as what we had, you’ve got a complete meltdown at that time,” Manchin said.

“It falls under its own weight if the cost becomes more than we can absorb."

Manchin also said Obamacare was “probably not” the right way to address the health care situation in the U.S., but was a step in the right direction. He is co-sponsoring a bill with Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., that would delay the individual mandate for one year since the website for Americans to purchase health insurance is not working correctly.

The Obama administration delayed imposing the individual mandate by executive action for Americans whose health insurance plans were cancelled under the law.