“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough warned Thursday that 2018 stands to be the “most consequential political year of our lives.”

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, the former Florida congressman reflected on the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, and denounced Trump for the charges against his former campaign officials and national security adviser, attacks on the press, and the suggestion that there were fine people on “both sides” after white nationalist groups clashed with counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Va.

Scarborough criticized Trump’s foreign policy, saying “others would surely consider the president’s malignant idiocy in foreign affairs to be the most damning legacy of his first year.”

But reflecting on Winston Churchill’s “The Gathering Storm,” the MSNBC host said he believes Churchill’s “ominous warnings to future generations’ will be particularly prevalent in 2018.

“While Trump’s eroding of U.S. prestige across the globe is disturbing, it is his administration’s undermining of democratic values that poses an even greater threat to our Constitution and country,” Scarborough said.

He said the country’s “constitutional norms tremble in the balance” give the president’s attacks on the First Amendment, independent counsels, and law enforcement officials—a reference to Trump’s criticisms of the FBI and its top officials, and special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

“While the framers of the Constitution foresaw the possibility of a tyrannical president, they never let their imaginations be darkened by the possibility of a compliant Congress,” Scarborough said.

The “Morning Joe” host, who has been a frequent critic of the president’s, reminded readers the “storm is gathering,” and said, “how we respond in the months ahead may determine our fate for years to come.”