"Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough condemned Republican lawmakers for spreading “preposterous narratives” and “one twisted conspiracy theory after another.”

In a Washington Post op-ed published Friday night, Scarborough attacked the GOP over a lack of response to the recent report that the president tried to fire special counsel Robert Mueller and accused them of being “focused on defending Stalinist attacks on the press and pricey payoffs to porn stars.”

Scarborough, a former GOP congressman, said Republicans on Capitol Hill are using “wild tales” and “conspiracies” about Mueller's Russia inquiry, the FBI, and the Department of Justice to defend the president’s decision to consider firing the special counsel.

On Thursday, the New York Times reported that President Trump had tried to fire Mueller but didn't press the issue further after White House counsel Don McGahn refused to deliver the message to DOJ and threatened to quit.

However, the MSNBC host said many Republicans are instead focused on controversies, such as the one surrounding text messages showing bias against Trump exchanged between FBI agents who were part of Mueller's team.

"Wild tales of secret societies, Obama wiretaps and ‘deep-state’ conspiracies flow freely from the tongues of Trump apparatchiks. Those preposterous narratives are then spread across cable news networks and inside Capitol Hill cloakrooms," he penned.

“As a storm gathers over Washington and the world, Donald Trump’s Republican Party remains complicit in his frenzied efforts to undermine the American institutions and established values that conservatives once claimed to share,” Scarborough concluded.

Scarborough, a frequent critic of Trump, left the Republican Party last year.