"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough criticized President Trump on Friday for his NATO speech the day before, by saying it was a "love note" to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Do not call them out," Scarborough said of NATO allies during his MSNBC show Thursday. "The entire world is watching and most importantly, Vladimir Putin is watching. It seemed like yesterday was his love note to Vladimir Putin. It really did. By attacking the allies and then by not moving forward and saying that they were going to do what we've always done and defend any country that was attacked."

Trump addressed NATO members in a speech at NATO headquarters in Brussels during his first foreign trip abroad. During his speech, the president scolded members of the alliance for not contributing their "fair share" to the world's defense.

Scarborough, a former Florida Republican congressman, said he agreed that NATO members need to contribute, but he disagreed with the manner in which Trump addressed allies.