Joe the Plumber believes Bernie Sanders' supporters will jump behind Donald Trump once the Democratic presidential candidate exits the race.

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, a conservative commentator and activist made famous during the 2008 presidential elections, told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren on Wednesday he does not know who Trump will pick as his running mate, but it more interested in the post-Sanders general election.

"Donald Trump has definitely not been running your average race, and so it's really going to probably shock a lot of people who he picks. I couldn't even hazard a guess," Wurzelbacher said. "I'm just looking forward to him grabbing the Bernie supporters and bringing them into the fold and really burying Hillary Clinton."

Wurzelbacher became a household name during the 2008 presidential campaign when he asked then-Sen. Barack Obama a question about a plumbing business he wanted to start. Obama's response about plans to "spread the wealth around" was pilloried by conservatives as socialist-like.

Then-GOP nominee John McCain nicknamed the concerned voter "Joe the Plumber" and recruited him for several campaign stops, giving Wurzelbacher his start as a conservative commenator.

As an "average Joe," he told Van Susteren young voters are "impressionable" and credited that as one of the reasons millennials have flocked to the Vermont senator instead of the establishment Democrat.

"When these young voters have grown up on Hillary Clinton, all they have heard is scandals, compromise, corruption and the lying," Wurzelbacher said. "With Trump, on the other hand, they have seen him the last 15, 20 years on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' you know.

"They associate words with Donald Trump like winner, businessmen, successful, speaking his mind ... So I think Trump needs to keep being Trump, talk about how business is going to actually come around and bring jobs back. So I really think he is going to appeal to them."