House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday defended his leadership’s decision to spend millions of dollars in a failed attempt to back the Defense of Marriage Act, adding he has no plans to push similar legislation aimed at stopping same-sex marriage.

The Ohio lawmaker said that while he was disappointed with Wednesday’s Supreme Court ruling to strike down DOMA, he will respect the court’s decision.

“The president, or the attorney general, doesn’t have the right to declare a law unconstitutional; only the Supreme Court does. And so I believe that the [House Republican] actions were appropriate,” said Boehner during his weekly briefing with reporters.

“The court’s made its decision. And [I have] no plans at this point in terms of how the House would move ahead on this.”

While the Clinton and Bush administration backed DOMA, President Obama in 2011 instructed the Justice Department to stop defending it. House Republican leadership then stepped in to bankroll DOMA’s defense, spending more than $2 million.