House Speaker John Boehner pushed back Tuesday at accusations he isn’t serious about revamping the nation’s immigration laws, saying he has worked harder than anyone to reform the system.

“Nobody has spent more time trying to fix a broken immigration system than I have,” the Ohio Republican told reporters at a Capitol news event. “I talked about it the day after the election. I’ve talked about it a hundred times since.”

While the Senate last month passed a comprehensive immigration reform package, Boehner defended his decision to address the issue with a series of smaller bills, saying his “common-sense, step-by-step approach” makes more sense.

“While some may disagree about how we’re going about fixing a broken immigration system, it’s been a big goal of mine,” he said.

Boehner suggested the House will take up immigration reform after Congress’ month-long August break.

“I expect that as we get into the fall, when we talk about the issue of spending — has anybody in the Congress been more focused on cutting spending than I have?” he said. “I don’t think so.”