House Speaker John Boehner called on Senate Democrats to drop their push to include reforms to the International Monetary Fund in a proposed Ukrainian aid package, which has stalled measure, saying the issues are unrelated.

"This IMF money isn't necessary for dealing with this Ukraine crisis," the Ohio Republican told reporters Wednesday.

Boehner urged the upper chamber to instead take up the House's $1 billion loan guarantees package for Ukraine, which overwhelmingly passed last week.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee had planned to vote Tuesday on a Ukrainian aid package that reportedly also would include $1 billion in loans and impose sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine's Crimea region.

But the measure has stalled over a disagreement on whether to shift $63 billion of U.S. money from an IMF crisis fund to its general accounts. The Obama administration since last year has been pressing for the shift on the grounds it would increase U.S. influence in the international lender, though many Republicans either oppose the move or say it should't be tied to Ukrainian aid.

The committee must approve the legislation before it can be sent to the full Senate.